Massachusetts: Cape Cod

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"Nearby Guide" to Cape Cod Sunsets

There are a number of great places to see a Cape Cod sunset, and we'll be adding more as we go along. Let's start with one that is beautiful, quiet and on the mid Cape, so it's fairly accessible to most areas.

Bass Hole, Yarmouth Port - This is a beautiful spot down a back street that takes you to a small beach and harbor. The key to this location is the long boardwalk that runs way out into the marsh. There is a an area at the end where you can stand or sit and watch the sun from across Cape Cod Bay. It isn't all about the sunset here, it 's also about the quiet, the marsh and the wide view. This is a really panoramic place to enjoy a day's end.

Tips and Suggestions - You'll be in a marshy area late in the day - bring bug repellent, and wear long sleeves and long pants, even on a warm evening, or you might be driven back to the car, especially if there is no breeze. The quiet is a real part of the experience here. Be respectful of others who walk out here for the serenity, not for loud talking and kids running around. There is a parking lot at the end of Center Street, a very short walk to the boardwalk. When you turn off Route 6A you are driving down residential streets. Many people walk dogs, etc. along the road in the early evening. It is a short distance from Route 6A, and the road is windy, so drive very carefully in consideration of neighborhood residents. Definitely bring a camera, and binoculars are good to have as well.

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