Maine: The South Coast

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History Center of Kennebunkport
125-135 North Street ~PO Box 1173, Kennebunkport, ME 03802

Comprising five buildings with on-site free parking. The Pasco Center includes ongoing historic exhibit room and is home to the Kennebunkport Historical Society and research, archival and administrative center.... more >>

Old Berwick Historical Society
Route 4, S. Berwick, ME 03901

... more >>

Old York Historical Society
York Village, York, ME 03909

Old York, where Maine's History begins. Explore seven historic museum building, see the old dungeons and cells in the Old Gaol (jail), listen to the tales of the Tavern Keeper at Jefferds' Tavern,discover the d... more >>

Scarborough Marsh Center
Route 9, Scarborough, ME 04074

... more >>

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